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Monday, March 7, 2011

Survey:: Baby Walker

Luqman is almost 6 months..=) A new phase of his development just started... He already introduced with solid food.. Itu pun dh berperangai, can't offer him the same food everyday..he will refuse.. Last week, Mak dah start cakap...
"Luqman ni dah boleh naik walker...."
"Kalo Luqman naik walker, senang la nenek nk buat kerja..."

Sekarang ni tengah pikir.. Should I or shouldnt? Dari semalam survey-survey kat internet.. Im a bit surprised....Baby walker ni byk keburukan dari kebaikannye....nak share...

Famous reasons why parents/babysitter always give in order to consider a baby walker:
1. Promoting walking / providing exercise
2. Entertainment toys for a child and give few hours for the parents to do their works
3. To keep the children safe

1. Delay his development
Most walkers are designed such that babies are not able to see their feet while walking. This can slow down development of movement as they are unable to make mental connection that it is their legs and feet that are moving the walker.
Walkers make it too easy for babies to move around. Babies who are in walkers tend to explore and satisfy their curiosity without developing their balance or walking skills. This may lead to slower development of balance and walking skills. Studies have shown that babies who spent 2 hours each day in the walker were more delayed in walking than babies who did not use a walker.

Another article from PA&MA..Im not remember which month it was published... But the expert says, If your child escape may
caused by BABY WALKER. =)
2. Abnormal walking pattern

3. Cause more injuries
Walkers are unsafe. Babies can reac a speed of 1 meter per second in a walker, which is too fast even for an attentive parent to catch,
extra highest and extra access to more hazards..
Me also had past history..injured caused by walker..which gave me scar until now.. hehehe..

surprised tak bile tau Canada dah banned Baby Walker from April 2007.


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