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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Biasa tak alami keadaan ini kat office?

Ada project yg nk kne meet deadline.. pastu x ckup resource.. pastu boss byk songel.. pastu handle kerenah client lagi.. pastu kt rumah pulak prob dgn husb n anak.. rse upset x dpt lyn dorg... biasanya ada timeframe la keadaan ni.. mungkin seminggu, 2minggu atau sebulan... heeeee... rse penat phisycal, mental and emosional... pastu ada satu ketika bdn akan jatuh sakit, and biasanya dh di ujung2 dateline.. boleh jadi weeken, lps project tu delivered.. atau time pass project utk QA test...

Ni apa yang terjadi... berdasarkan buku yang Mai tgh baca ni....
" When we are exposed to maximum stress levels and these continue unabated for too long, our general resistance is undermined. The body appears to have and extraordinary coping mechanisme that allows a person under stress to continue to function while the stress is at height, almost as though the body knows that collapsing at this stage would be a total disaster. It continues to function, while it is in fact "running on empty", using up energy reserves and surviving on adrenaline as much as anything else.

Once the immediately stressful phase has been dealt with and things begin to calm down, comes the most likely moment for the body to choose to temporarily give up. This is why migraine sufferers will almost certainly develop a migraine once a deadline has been met, during a weekend or during the holidays: in other words, when taking it easy will not cause massive disruption."

This is how the body ensures that we overcome the aftermath stress......

Masya Allah....

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